Jonathan Gulick

February 1, 2016

Digital Scale – Weights for RC Plane

An efficient way to determine how much weight you need to add to your plane to balance it is to put coins on the plane then weigh the coins and covert the weight to an equivalent weight of lead. A handy scale is a 0 – 5 lb digital food scale which can measure in 1/8 oz or 1 gram increments. The photo shows the scale I use which I bought at Target which I use exclusively for balancing the plane. Email
January 31, 2016

RC Plane Work & Transport Stand

For a robust way to work on your plane and transport it to / from the flying field, build a stand from 3/4″ PVC pipe, 3/4″ pipe flanges, stainless steel screws, pipe insulation and poplar. It takes about 4 hours to build, but the effort is worth it. With my stand I can work on the plane in normal orientation or upside down. When upside down I can attach and remove the wings. Email
January 31, 2016

Balance of a Tail Heavy Plane

If you discover your plane is tail heavy when you balance it for the first time, first ensure your battery or other “heavy” objects already in the plane are as far forward as possible. Once done consider moving the engine further forward by adding spacer washers between the engine mount and the firewall. Email
January 29, 2016

Don’t Screw Up

If you need to screw in an Allen head servo screw and it won’t stay in place, you can use a little bit of a plastic bag to hold it in position. Just cut, or tear off a little piece of a plastic and double it up and press it into the screw. It should hold it long enough to get the screw started. Email
January 26, 2016

Plane Balance Rig-up

For a quick and easy way to balance your plane, drill small holes in the opposite side of the fuselage at the CG and insert a small eyebolt in each hole. Hang the plane from the ceiling using light weight chain with “S” hooks and you have a handy and secure way to quickly balance the plane without help. Once balanced, remove the eye bolts and cover the holes. Email
January 24, 2016

Cleanout of Concession Area Storage

Club members Cory Johnson, John Falkenbury, Jerry Gaidosik and Jonathan Gulick took advantage of the cold but sunny weather on Saturday January 23rd to cleanout the storage rooms we have access to in the restroom / concession building.  Three pickup truck loads of material were removed and taken to the dump.  Next to do is pressure wash the walls and floors and improve the sealing on the bottom of a door and on the bottom of two roll up/down doors to prevent critters and insects entering the spaces.  Thanks Corey, John, Jerry and Jonathan.
November 16, 2015

New – BCF Officers – 2016

During the December 5, 2015 Bayou City Flyers meeting, elections for 2016 Club officers were held. The results are as follows: President – Fernando Delgado; Vice President – Cory Johnson; Treasurer – Dick Pursley; Secretary – Jonathan Gulick
November 11, 2015

Update – RealFlight Simulation of Dick Scobee Airfield

New – Club Member Corey Johnson has updated the clubhouse PC RealFlight simulation program which models Dick Scobee Field (originally created by Don Adams) to include more details (some are a surprise). Members can access the updated files via the Member Documents section of the website – download the December 2015 files. Within this section is information about computer performance requirements. If your PC or laptop meets the minimum requirements then download the zipped files. Thank you Don and Corey!
November 1, 2015

Change of Member Telephone Number or Email Address

Members are asked to advise Dick Pursley, BCF RC Club Treasurer, of changes to their email address or phone number. Dick maintains a roster of these details which he updates on a monthly basis and shares with Club officers. New for 2016 – please provide your FAA sUAS registration number to Dick so he can include this in his roster. Dick’s contact details can be found in the Members & Membership section of this website.