Welcome to Bayou City Flyers

October 18, 2021

We are located in George Bush Park (west side of Houston, Texas), within the Dick Scobee Memorial Airfields area located on the northwest corner of Westheimer Parkway and South Barker Cypress Road at the end of Challenger Dr.  For reference, our street address is 17260 Westheimer Parkway.

The Bayou City Flyers home field area includes a 630ft long x 80ft wide paved runway oriented 320 / 140 for fixed wing powered RC model aircraft and an adjacent area within the “fly zone” for RC helicopters and multirotor (drone) model aircraft. See our drone footage

The FAA requires that all sUAS’s (multi-rotor ‘drone’, fixed wing aircraft or helicopters) have an FAA Registration number placed on an exterior surface of each airborne vehicle. The FAA Registration site can be found at: https://faadronezone.faa.gov# This applies to commercially or recreationally flown sUAS’s. All pilots must have a valid AMA membership to fly within the Dick Scobee Memorial Airfields and must display their membership card when within the flying areas.  Recreationally flown vehicles should also have the ‘National Community Organization’ identification number on the aircraft in a location that can be located without the use of any tool. The AMA information can be on an internal or external surface of the plane. For Scobee field, this is the AMA number of the recreational pilot. The AMA has a FAQ page which can be seen here: www.modelaircraft.org/faa-uas-frequently-asked-questions

The Bayou City Flyers RC club is chartered by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA Club 901).

Club News

  • NOTAM October Newsletter
    BCF NOTAM Newsletter
    Bayou City Flyers have had a fun, safe, and productive 2021, so far. And despite the weather challenges we had in Houston, we accomplished quite a lot.
  • 2021 R/C EVENTS
    LOOK AT THE CALENDAR!! Fall is here and hopefully the weather will start to moderate! A number of great events coming and hopefully you all are getting the chance to participate in some of the area events. The 15th Annual Space City Warbird Flyin, October 8-9, and the first ever Thunder Over Round Top R/C Expo is November 11-13 in Round Top, TX. Please visit and help support this great event and COME FLY WITH US here at Scobee Field!
  • Thunder Over Round Top R/C Expo
    The Texas Warbird Thunder group is sponsoring the first ever Thunder Over Round Top R/C Expo November 11-13, 2021 at 3344 South Weyand Road, in Round Top, TX 78954. This 3-day event will showcase the largest exhibits of R/C models and equipment in TEXAS! The event includes a sanctioned Warbird FLY-IN and demonstrations. Attend industry Exhibits, Presentations, Auction, and see Static Model Displays & more. For additional information and registration, visit the website: www.rtrcexpo.com and email rtrcexpo@gmail.com SEE YA THERE!!
    A nice upgrade to the Bayou City Flyers clubhouse was the attachment of the club LOGO sign during the July Swap Meet. Thanks to Max, Gerry and Rudy for helping. Hope everyone enjoys it and that it provides both advertising to the general public, visiting flyers and others along with a little pride of membership. It also make a nice background for photos! If you have not flown at Scobee Field please do COME FLY WITH US and enjoy this great hobby and sport!
  • NOTAM October Newsletter
    BCF NOTAM Newsletter
    Starting the New Year off right the Bayou City Flyers club newsletter returns with the effort of our new Newsletter Editor - Joe Chauffe. What is the NOTAM? The FAA uses the acronym for "Notice To Airmen". It's a notice containing a wealth of information that may include facility changes, procedures, hazards, etc. It is also the name of the club Newsletter. Historically when the club was the Alief Air Force the newsletter was called the AAF Flyer.

Upcoming Events

Planes / Jets / Helicopters of the Month

Plans, Kits, and Scratch Built

Greg Yancey brought his Top Flight P-40 Warhawk this month. Built by his friend it runs a Zenoah G-62 with modified carb for power and spins a APC 20x15 racing prop. NICE JOB! Looking for the next aircraft built from plans, kits or scratch BUILT.

JETS - Turbine / EDF

July 2019: New Category for members who build and fly Turbine or Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) jets. Bring in your 'Fast Movers" guys and share the SPEED!

Aeronautical Engineering - Project Rebuild

July 2019: Maximillian (Max) Burton our Club Treasurer, crashed his Hanger 9 10cc Ultra Stick Wednesday, July 17th. As you can see not pretty.

However; since I was flying at the field to maiden one of my rebuilt mash-ups and witnessed the ‘thump’, and looked at the remaining pieces which the recovering crew picked up, I offered to rebuild it for Max as a project and post the process and pictures here to the website. Luckily for Max the OS .65 Engine was fine along with the servos. The radio receiver was toast, yet the satellite receiver was good. Wheel pants pretty wrecked as well as fuel tank, prop and spinner. Horizon has replacement wheel pants but may try to salvage since I’m looking to do with just parts on hand.

(Project complete and delivered to Max on August 25th, 2019) (M. Wise) https://www.bayoucityflyersrc.com/hangar-9-ultra-stick-rebuild-project/

ARF/ARC Bashed/Redesigned/Imagined

Planes almost ready to finish/cover or been redesigned or imagined. Show us your flying models!

May 2021 showed us his massively redesigned Double-Corsair. As always something unique from the mind of George. Said the wing angles were particularly challenging to get right.


Scale or Fun Helicopters. Bring your "Whirly Birds" guys and share the excitement of helicopter flying!


Share your projects underway. Apologies to you guys if I've missed your submission. Working to catch up now.
MARCH 2021: John Haskell shared his E scale British Seafire he recently completed. Features: Approx flying weight - 8.8lb (4kg) Factory covered with Oracover Length - 50.4ins (128cm) Mechanical retracts supplied Suits - 75-91 2 Stroke (120 4 Stroke) Wing area - 759.5sq.ins (49.0sq.dm) Wingspan - 64.6ins (164cm)
APRIL 2020: Maximillian Burton shared his older Seagull Piper Cub J3 he recently completed with all the build time we have now with the pandemic.
Max's Piper has a 88.2" WS, L: 56.2", Wt, 9.95-11 lbs., running a 2 stroke OS95AX2, with 6 Hitech HS-645MG servos.
APRIL 2020: Mark Troutman wants to thank the club member who gave him this great old Control Line stunt trainer called a 'Banshee' around the time of our last swap meet. Mark couldn't remember who it was so if you know please let him know. Mark covered it with Silk Span and trimmed it with tissue paper and used clear dope over everything. Very old school but he wanted it to be different having sat for 25 years waiting to be built. Beautiful job!
AUGUST 2020: Mike Wise recently completed a total redo/scale upgrade of Motion RC's T-33 Shooting Star. He selected Erich Hartmann's West German Luftwaffe scheme from @1956, Callie graphics and other details.
SEPTEMBER 2020: Jim Dieckow's 8' WS Mongo flying wing project. Originally a slope soarer, Jim converted to electric power using a Monster 50 with two 3600ma packs in parallel and added landing gear. Flies great!